• NameManuele La Puca
  • Date of BirthJuly 6th, 1987
  • AddressGuidonia Montecelio, Roma
  • JobCompositore, Arrangiatore, Produttore
  • Emailmanuele.lapuca@gmail.com
  • Websitewww.manuelelapuca.net


I live in Rome, but I was born in Livorno, Tuscany, July 6th 1987 I weighted about 3,4 Kg. Now I weight much more.

At the age of five I start studying music and at seven classical piano. Even though I studied many instruments and many different musical styles, I believe that classical music is the most complete artistic expression form. Very few other styles can express every single human feeling.

At the age of twelve I started playing modern instruments and rock musical technics, making my artistic formation even more complete.

At the age of fourteen I saw my first musical theater live show: Jesus Christ Superstar. Since that day on, and still today, I know by heart every single song lyrics and every now and then I start singing one piece from it regardless of people nearby.

In the same period I started composing. Easy music at the beginning, some pop-rock songs, maybe something folk, basically in english language.

At eighteen I start studying classical and lyrical singing and a brand new world opens to me. I take part of many contest, winning some of them, and I start playing some roles in theater or dancing companies.

At twenty-one I start writing and composing my first Musical (or Opera, depends on the meaning of this word) all by myself. I finish this opera in August 2010, right after two years of working on it. Currently I'm working at the second opera.

Sometimes, to get the right inspiration, I need to run away from the everyday city life and get lost in neverending silences that the nature of our woderful lands can give us.

  • Guidonia Montecelio, Roma
  • manuele.lapuca@gmail.com

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